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I have been a dance DJ for several years and had my own mobile disco since I was 20 years old, and I did a lot of Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas and New Year Eve parties until I was 36.


Then I went onto work on internet radio stations on the south coast and across the UK such as Cable Radio, Skywave Radio, Play Dance UK, Deluxe UK, hit music Radio, Ukbounceone.com, Vibe Music Radio, Worthing Online Radio, Radio Basingstoke, Radio UK International and Covent Garden Radio. I hosted the House Nation show and the Weekend Mix show on Cable Radio in Brighton. Plus now I host a weekly dance show called The Weekend clubland Show on several radio stations above.  


And now Clubland Radio UK my very own dance radio station, it has been my dream come true! as from a very young age I always wanted to do radio but never thought I would be able to because of my disability however,   thanks to my 2 great friends Paul Anthony and Paddy Range  who have helped and supported me throughout my radio career and made it possible .  


I have a great passion for dance / trance and a bit of oldskool as well. I love spending hours mixing on the decks and am excited at the opportunity to start off your weekend, right here on Clubland Radio UK every Friday evenings between 6 - 8.


Please could I just point out that there is a donation link button on the chatroom page, I am thankfull for anything to help me run this wicked station as I am trying my hardest on my own.  Thank you very much !!!  I appreciate it.

DJ Simon Charnley Is Your Weekend Clubland Show Presenter


Also Known As The Legendary DJ Mixmaster Of The Airwaves


Station Manager For Clubland Radio UK

DJ Simon Charnley

legend dj